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HONDA VEZEL 2021 HYBRID - Is this the best Vezel yet?

The wait is almost over – the all new Honda Hybrid HR-V. Available only with Honda’s renown e:HEV hybrid powertrain coupled to a 1.5L 4-cylinder petrol engine, this handsome SUV boasts some dramatic design upgrades, smart cabin innovations and space-creating features that will certainly make this SUV one of the hottest for the year

Stately and stylish

A longer bonnet, together with more vertical sides lends a weighty, dignified look to what was a sporty favourite. Swooping headlight clusters accentuate curved lines and introduce the model’s most outstanding change feature – its new grille.

Upright and minimalist, this new grille gives off an air of stately presence while its color-integration with the body reminds us of the racy styling on the Ferrari Roma. Call me Mister Vezel, if you please.

Bold and clean lines

The SUV leans toward a coupe styling and this latest design iteration enhances the feeling even more. Underlined in bold with a chromed bar just above the exhaust, this Vezel makes a resounding statement – “Look at me!”.

Longer wheelbase, 18-inch rims and a dignified front bonnet, the new Vezel boasts many design innovations that makes it the one newcomer you just have to check out.

Minimalist dashboard

After all the buzz of its new exterior look, the Driver’s cockpit is surprisingly mundane but the entire dashboard experience is uplifted by the larger LED touchscreen infotainment panel. Simplistic and minimalist, the screen display brings colour, promises engagement yet lends a bit of zen into the cabin ambience.

Space innovation to maximise space and comfort

Designers in the Honda Large Project team placed the drivetrain mid-body, which allowed the cabin to maximise space to “seat 4 adults comfortably” – as claimed by the brand at its launch. In addition, the rear seats were given additional tilt-back for a more comfortable ride posture.

Boot space is promised to be generous in what Honda calls their “Magic Seats”; rear seats able to be folded flat down for rear-loading or their seat sections could be lifted up like cinema seats to provide loading ease through the rear passenger doors.

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