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Updated: Apr 12, 2021

If you’re looking for a family-friendly car in Singapore, here are 4 must-haves to look out for:

  1. Comfy, multiple seats for your kids and their friends, dogs and other assorted pets

  2. Flexi-space to fit suitcases, kids toys, Dad’s toys, bikes, balls, clubs, groceries, etc

  3. Uncompromised road and passenger safety

  4. A responsive engine that is light on the pocket

We have done some scouting around and here are the top 5 cars you might want to get for your family.


Honda Odyssey 2021

Always a great choice – the Honda Odyssey has undergone a 2021 refresh and it is hard to beat; 8-seater configuration with the ability to shift the centre seat to free up space, magic-slide door and Driver-Assistive technologies that help ensure safe distancing all-around the vehicle. Safety for the family is assured with front, top and knee-impact safety bags. A multi-angle rear-view camera, 2.0L engine with bite and impressive handsome lines add the final touches to a truly complete family MPV.


Mercedes Benz GLB200 Premium Plus

The new MLB 200 Premium Plus edition from Mercedes Benz is far and away the top-of-the-line family car for 2021 so far. It is able to carry 7 passengers and packing a twin-turboed 1.4L engine that churns out 240NM of torque, this multi-seater SUV packs a ton of luxuries;

  • All-round cabin lighting with 36 colours of choice

  • Over 15” continuous single-line infotainment and dashboard screen

  • Ankadara leather seat materials for better comfort and grip

  • 19-inch alloys and twin, chromed and flushed exhausts

  • Foldable rear child-size seats for more storage spaces

  • Useful USB-C ports around the back seats for entertainment devices for the kids without worry of running out of power


KIA Sorento

This 6-seater MPV is cavernous in its space offering; with its rear seats down you could move furniture in it. Useful options include a rear screen sunshade that will keep the small ones comfortably shaded as you cruise through the hot sunshine on your quiet, impressive 2.5L engine.

Its most outstanding feature must surely be the Smart Parking Assist System (SPAC) with ultrasonic, side-mounted sensors; they track an empty spot and automatically steer the vehicle into the space. For busy mums and dads in the car, it’s such a helpful feature. Safety is outstanding with 6 airbags offering front and side protection.


Toyota Alphard 2021

6 luxury-appointed leather seats capable of different configurations, steering-assisted stability control and smooth acceleration experience help distinguish this MPV as the car that feels like a luxury cruise ship for its passengers.

  • Lower rear access seats for easier on-boarding and deboarding for kids and elderly persons

  • Side airbags that shield side windows

  • 7-inch display screen for infotainment for kids in the rear

  • LED ceiling lights with 16 different colour choices for great ambience

  • 2.5L engine purring out ample horsepower for a smooth cruise


Peugeot 5008 SUV

Surely one of the handsomest 7-seating SUVs on the road today, the Peugeot 5008 packs a lot into a car:

  • Engine variant of 1.6L comes with 8-speed transmission and friendly consumption rate of 19.2km per litre

  • Generous leg & headroom in the second row seats; rear seats fold down for more storage space behind

  • Blind-spot monitoring, collusion detection system and electronic instrumentation deliver driver feel-good and cockpit thrills

  • 8-inch LED infotainment screen

  • Optional sunroof

Its most winning ways are its sleek lines and contours; long yet sexy, its got a form that captures the imagination aplenty.

Give us a call at Esteem; we're able to help you find, own and customize your family-friendly car to your fullest satisfaction. Like we’ve done for so many of our customers over the past 20 years.

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